Didenta Implantology Art Cabinet Group

From the will of responding to our patient needs our cabinets are located in three distinct areas in Bucharest, successfully place us in the top of the most advanced dental clinics because of the medical act supplied, using the newest technology, treatment methods and materials, our specialist team is here to offer every patient an optimal treatment in conditions of comfort and safety.

Didenta Implantology Art offers you

  • The most complete dental service package of the highest quality standards
  • Professionalism and dedications to ensure the good will of the patients
  • Transparency
  • Constant maintaining to the highest level of hygiene and aseptic
  • Latest generation technics and materials
  • Promptitude and accessible working program
  • Dental emergencies non-stop for our clinic patients
  • Our new bonuses
    You can also can consult our partner companies to obtain the voucher

  • Didenta Implantology Art offers companies the opportunity to enter in employee benefits packages and a subscription to dental care.


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Schedule dental emergencies

Calea Dorobanti
Saturday: 09.00-14.00
Emergency phone: 021-2311603

Soseaua Giurgiului
Saturday: 10.00-14.00
phone: 021.4507916

Dumul Taberei
Saturday: 10.00-14.00
phone: 0214449805

Cabinet Stomatologic Calea Dorobantilor

Str. Intr. Bitolia nr. 15, Dorobanti, sector 1

telefon: 021-2311603

Cabinet stomatologic Drumul Taberei

Str. Valea Ialomitei, nr. 1A, bloc C18A, sc.3, ap. 92, sector 6

telefon: 021-4449805

Cabinet stomatologic Soseaua Giurgiului

Soseaua Giurgiului, nr.126, bloc 7, sc.5, ap. 132, sector 4

telefon: 021-4507916